Aurélie Denys

PhD student in quantum information theory at INRIA Paris

photo of Aurélie Denys

I am a second-year PhD student at Inria Paris, in the team COSMIQ, under the supervision of Anthony Leverrier.

My research focuses on bosonic quantum error correction and continuous-variable quantum key distribution.

My education and the internships in quantum information I have done prior to that are listed on my LinkedIn profile.


Aurélie Denys, Peter Brown, and Anthony Leverrier. Explicit asymptotic secret key rate of continuous-variable quantum key distribution with an arbitrary modulation. Quantum 5, 540 (2021). [paper]

The associated Python files are available on the arXiv webpage as ancillary files.

I presented this work in contributed talks at QCrypt 2021 [video] and ICQOM 2021.



Exercise classes in Quantum information, for 1st-year master students, at Sorbonne Université.

Exercise classes in Python, for 1st-year undergraduates in Computer Sciences, at Sorbonne Université [course website].


Exercise classes in Mathematics for Computer Sciences, for 2nd-year undergraduates in Computer Sciences, at Université Versailles Saint-Quentin (UVSQ) [course website].


Organisation of the RJMI Inria Paris 2021

The RJMI is a yearly two-day event welcoming girls from high school for activities, conferences, speed meetings, and visits of the research centre. I organised this event with Clémence Bouvier, in parternship with Animath.


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