Jean Clairambault: Research reports / Rapports de recherche (2003-2010):

Circadian rhythm and cell population growth
Clairambault, J., Gaubert, S., Lepoutre, T.
(2010) [arXiv:1006.3459 ]

Modelling the spatial organization of cell proliferation in the developing central nervous system
Clairambault, J., Flores, V., Perthame, B., Rapacioli, M., Rofman, E., Verdes, R.
(2010) [arXiv:1005.0207v1]

Comparison of Perron and Floquet eigenvalues in age structured cell division cycle models
Clairambault, J., Gaubert , S., Lepoutre, T.
(2008) [arXiv:0812.0803v1]

An inequality for the Perron and Floquet eigenvalues of monotone differential systems and age structured equations
Clairambault, J., Gaubert , S., Perthame, B.
(2007) [arXiv:0704.3820]

An age-and-cyclin-structured cell population model with proliferation and quiescence for healthy and tumoral tissues
Bekkal Brikci F., Clairambault J., Ribba B., Perthame B.
(2006) [inria-00081301 − version 2]

Optimal drug infusion strategies for cancer chronotherapy
Basdevant C., Clairambault J., Lévi F.
(2004) [inria-00070597 − version 1]

A mathematical model of the cell cycle and its control
Clairambault J., Laroche B., Mischler S., Perthame B.
(2003) [inria-00071690 − version 1]

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