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SboxU: S-box Analysis Utils

Table of Contents

Work in progress

1 Installation

1.1 Dependencies

The SboxU library was only tested on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04). To install it, you need the following packages.


1.2 Download

To retrieve this library, use the following command:

git clone

Then, move to the `sbox-utils/sboxU` directory and run:

cmake .

This compiles the C++ part of sboxU and allows it to be called from a SAGE script. To use it in your project, simply move the sboxU folder to your project's directory. You can then import sboxU like any other python module. As an example of the functions provided by sboxU, the SAGE script stored alongside the folder sboxU generates random permutations and tests their affine equivalence.

2 Functions Provided


3 References

  1. Xavier Bonnetain, Léo Perrin, and Shizhu Tian. Anomalies and Vector Space Search: Tools for S-Box Analysis. In Steven Galbraith and Shiho Moriai, editors, Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2019, Part I, volume 11921 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 196–223. Springer, Heidelberg, December 2019. link to

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