Augustin Bariant

Ph.D student in symmetric cryptography at INRIA de Paris


Former student in Ecole Polytechnique, I completed a double degree with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In march 2021, I started a Ph.D in symmetric cryptography in the team COSMIQ of Inria de Paris, under the supervision of Gaëtan Leurent. I am currently working on the cryptanalysis of lightweight symmetric cryptography primitives, especially on the candidates of the NIST lightweight comptetition. I am also studying some generic attacks on SPN ciphers, such as rectangle, boomerang, square or differential-linear attacks. You can find my resumé in french here.



  • Tutor in mathematics for first-year students (MPSI) in the preparatory school Lycée Louis Le Grand.


  • In charge of a computer lab for the first year class LU1IN011 at Sorbonne Université (SU): Introduction to Programming in Python
  • In charge of a computer lab for the second year class LU2IN019 at SU: Functional Programming
  • In charge of a computer lab for the third year class LU3IN024 at SU: Introduction to Cryptology
  • In charge of a computer lab for the third year class LU2IN017 at SU: Web Technologies


1. A. Bariant, N. David, G. Leurent, Cryptanalysis of Forkciphers, IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology, 2020 (volume 1), presented virtually at FSE 2020.
2. A. Bariant, C. Bouvier, G. Leurent, L. Perrin, Practical Algebraic Attacks against some Arithmetization-oriented Hash Functions, preprint version.