I recently took part in the MT180 (Ma Thèse en 180 secondes) outreach competition for French PhD students. The aim was to present our work to non-specialists in only 3 minutes!

Girls and Mathematics


I was organiser with Aurélie Denys of the RJMI (Rendez-vous des Jeunes Mathématiciennes et Informaticiennes) of the Inria Paris centre, that took place in November 2021.

This event is aimed at young girls, in high school, who are motivated by mathematics and computer science. Through workshops and informal discussions with mathematicians and computer scientists, they can consider the place that these subjects can have in their studies and their future career.
The aim is to encourage them to affirm their interest in mathematics and computer science and to develop an ambitious project for scientific studies.

See more information on the webpage of filles-et-maths.


I am also part of the « Filles & Maths : une équation lumineuse » mentoring network.
The aim is to build a trusting relationship with high school girls to encourage them to study mathematics or computer science by sharing our experience, giving them advice, and listening to their concerns.

General Public

I regularly give presentations about cryptography, in particular to students in order to introduce them to the field and suggest ways to pursue their studies. I have, for instance, given a presentation for the final of the Alkindi Contest in May 2022 (this is a cryptography contest for high school students).
I have also made a video presentation of my career path for undergraduate students in Angers.

Junior Seminar


Besides, I'm currently co-organising the Junior Seminar of Inria Paris with Gaspard Beugnot and Théophile Cantelobre.
It is a seminar that allows young researchers to present their work to members of other teams.