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STAP'23: Symmetric Techniques for Advanced Protocols

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Algorithms from symmetric cryptography such as hash functions, and stream/block ciphers, have been at the heart of many higher level cryptographic protocols. However, in recent years, the specific design requirement of new advanced protocols has given raise to new needs that are improperly addressed by state-of-the-art algorithms: while safe, current algorithms like AES or SHA-3 are too inefficient in these contexts.

From arithmetization-oriented hash functions enabling a cheap zero-knowledge verification of their evaluation, to homomorphic encryption-friendly stream ciphers, new symmetric algorithms need to be designed and analyzed.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the users of such primitives, their designers, and their analysts. It will be organized as a sequence of invited talks and tutorials revolving around such questions as

The invited speakers come from different communities: zero-knowledge, symmetric cryptography, mathematics… There will also be a rump-style session during which participants are invited to informally introduce their work on either designing new symmetric primitives, or their need for new ones.

STAP is an affiliated workshop of EUROCRYPT'23 that will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of April 2023.

1 Program

1.1 Saturday 21st of April

to be announced

1.2 Sunday 22nd of April

to be announced

2 Invited Speakers

to be announced

3 Funding

This workshop receives funding from the ERC StG ReSCALE (grant agreement 101041545).

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