Lauriane Aufrant - applied NLP researcher at Inria

I am a member of the ALMAnaCH team at Inria, working on NLP research with Defence & Security applications (Natural Language Processing, which is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence). I am mostly interested in information extraction in all its flavours (from named entity recognition to automatic knowledge graph construction), yet I believe that any research topic that would improve NLP's usefulness for our end-users is worth exploring. I am also a strong advocate for rationalizing good practices across the field (evaluation methodology, corpus annotation...) and for pursuing more consistency and clarity in NLP terms and concepts. In particular I am involved in ISO standardization, where I am Convenor of the Joint Working Group on NLP, and I have Project Editor responsibilities at CEN-CENELEC, in relation with the upcoming AI Act.

Before coming to Inria I have spent 4 years at the DGA, the French government agency for defence procurement and defence-applied research funding. There I have worked on multiple topics in NLP (machine translation, information extraction, knowledge graphs, automatic summarization, speech recognition, language varieties & dialects...) and more generally AI (AI interpretability & explainability, attacks and defenses on AI (adversarial, poisoning, membership inference), data and model biases...).

Before going to the DGA I was a PhD student at LIMSI-CNRS, under the direction of François Yvon and Guillaume Wisniewski. My main research topics at the time were cross-lingual transfer, dependency parsing, and processing of the Romanian language.

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