André Chailloux
SECRET Project Team, INRIA Paris
Building C, 2nd floor
Office C203
+33 (0)180494217

My main reserach interests are: quantum crytography, quantum interactive proofs, quantum complexity, quantum non-locality and more.


All my publications can be found on the quant-ph arXiv [link]


2019-2020 : I have 2 guest lectures in the Quantum Information and Computation course at ENS-Lyon.
2019-2020: I am currently teaching the Quantum Computing course taught at MPRI.

Thesis [pdf]

Quantum Coin Flipping and Bit Commitment: Optimal Bounds, Practical Constructions and Computational Security
under the supervision of Iordanis Kerenidis at LRI, Université Paris Sud and LIAFA, Université Paris VII